Best Payment Methods for Your Netflix Subscription

Best Payment Methods for Your Netflix Subscription

When last year’s lockdowns spurred everyone to stay at home, most turned to home entertainment, more specifically Netflix, to keep themselves occupied. In fact, Netflix welcomed more than 16 million new subscribers in 2020, bringing binge-watching to a whole new level. Nearly 20% of this number (around 3 million people) came from India. This might be thanks to the overflowing release of Indian-specific content, such as novel adaptations A Suitable Boy and White Tiger, as well as originals like Leila and Sacred Games.

Another reason for Netflix’s growth in the country, however, is the ever-growing list of options with which people can pay for their subscription. Here are a few ways you can pay for yours:

Debit card

By signing up with a debit card, Netflix will charge your savings account monthly. Just make sure you have a sufficient amount of money to pay for the Netflix plan of your choice — ranging from ₹199 for the basic plan to ₹799 for the premium plan. Finance website The Balance also remarks that this is the best option for preventing debt, as you never have to worry about annual fees and service charges.

Credit card

Similarly, you can have Netflix charge your credit card monthly. Unlike debit cards, you don’t need to worry about how much you have on hand each month. And, as an added bonus, Petal Card’s article on credit scores, states that you can boost your credit by using your credit card every month. Netflix subscriptions are cheaper than ever, so they’re one luxury you can partake in that will also keep your credit utilization below 30%. If you didn’t know: utilizing more than 30% of your credit limit can lead to a lower credit score.

For both debit and credit cards, Netflix accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Diners.

Partner payments

Conveniently enough, Netflix India has also partnered with other companies, allowing you to bundle payments for Netflix subscriptions with payments for other services. For example, Netflix subscriptions are offered to users of ACT Fibernet, Vodafone Idea, the Airtel Thanks plan, and the Netflix Reliance Jio package.

Gift cards

On the other hand, Netflix’s gift cards can also be used to pay for subscriptions. If you haven’t been the lucky recipient of one, however, you can buy them yourself at certain retail stores, or sites like Amazon and Dundle.

Non-account holders can then go to, while those with existing subscriptions can click the ‘Redeem gift card or promo’ option under the ‘Account’ option in Settings. You’ll then be asked to enter a code, which can be accessed via email for digital gift cards, or by scratching the foil on the back of physical cards.

Mobile payments and digital wallets

However, if you don’t have a card, gift cards, or a beefy telecommunications plan, don’t fret! Netflix accepts mobile payments from Apple Pay and Google Pay. Moreover, if you’re the owner of a digital wallet, such as those offered by PayTM, PhonePe, and the BHIM App, you’ll find it easy to pay for your Netflix subscription, as well.Wrapping it up

As you can see, enjoying Netflix is now easier and more affordable than ever. But this is only the start of your Netflix journey! That being said, make sure to watch out for more of our specially curated tips for Netflix, and get the most out of what the platform has to offer!


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