PUBG Update Reveals Exciting New Game Mode


The wildly successful shooter PUBG Mobile has received a new update recently, giving players additional content to enjoy in late 2020.

PUBG mobile is based upon the console game PUBG, which stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, and has become as popular as its console equivalent. The updates are eagerly anticipated by players and this one is no exception. It presents players the opportunity to explore a new ‘Ancient Secret’ building, located in Miramar and Erangel.

The new feature is based around an ancient civilization theme and delivers the two-story building with a boss to battle in a locked room on the second floor. In addition to the new area, players can also explore small ruins that randomly appear throughout the new map. There will also be a chance to pit their wits against a new ancient slate puzzle too.

It is not just the map and challenges that have been given an update; there are new costumes and outfits too. Players can now obtain the Golden Pharaoh X-Suit Outfit set, as well as Warrior of Ra, Warrior of Nut, Underworld Guide and Mummy costumes. With each of these outfits, there will be a special treasure which will unlock even more rewards such as Pharaoh Coins and a Golden Pharaoh X-Suit.

The ancient civilization theme is one that has worked well in games across the ages, both on console and mobile. Some, such as Tomb Raider, have become staples of the console world and still have a huge impact today, whilst titles such as Assassin’s Creed have drawn on such settings across their entire franchise, not least with Origins, which was set in ancient Egypt. The same can be said for mobile games, as ancient ruins and exploration provide ample opportunity for exciting graphics and creativity. Gaming platform Foxy Games is host to a number of slots that draw from such themes, including Temple of Iris and Wonder of Ages, which have mythical settings that provide exciting opportunities for illustration and themes. These settings are great for games both new and old because of the scope they create developers to let their imagination and creativity produce an immersive and unique experience.

That is why they also fit with the seasonal updates being seen in some of the free-to-play shooters that have become popular, as designers look for fresh ideas to keep their games relevant and attractive. That is certainly the aim with the new PUBG update, which plays with the themes but adds them to the already tried and tested formula which has brought success. Their mobile title has been immensely popular, offering players the chance to pit their wits against each other from the comfort of their mobile device. Indeed, the new update adds game modes to the existing repertoire, including a new Team Gun Game four vs. four gameplay in the Arena mode available every weekend.

There is a new gun attachment too, which typically doesn’t entirely fit the ancient civilization theme, but are always expected in such an update. The Barrel Extender Muzzle Attachment can be added to rifles, sniper rifles and sub-machine guns which increases the range without severely impacting the reduction in damage as a result.

The new update promises to be an exciting and original addition to the game, which will keep players coming back for more through the autumn.


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